The Essence of Self Defense for Kids


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School of Self Defense for Kids in Fayetteville, NC

"It takes whole village to rise a child." By now, your child is probably involved in a team sport activity and it's great! We do not want to compete with baseball, softball and others - those are much needed to teach your kid how to contribute to the team effort and how to leverage from team's strength - but a strong individual needs something more than good teamwork, they also need to learn to rely on and have confidence in their own personal abilities. Team Spirit + Personal Strength = Strong Individual. We belive that our Pami-Kol FMA Martial Arts and Self Defense classes will compliment Team Sports activities of your child and will allow them to develop confidence, strength and character.

Pami-Kol Self Defense for Kids classes are a great way for your children to be active while learning important life-long skills.

As a part of our curriculum, we offer age-adapted training for kids (6+ years) and teens in our location in Fayetteville, NC.

Our goal is to teach kids a set of skills and techniques that will allow them to defend themselves from bigger or stronger opponent

Your kid will not be learning those fancy moves that certenly add spectacular dimension in "karate" movies - we consider them as unneccesary loss of precious time as when it comes to effective defense, every fraction of a second counts! Pami-Kol is all about simplicity and effectiveness - we want kids to handle the opponent in quickest, simplest way and run away to a safe place, therefore we teach our students 'straight to the point' techniques without show-offs and embelishments.

Couple of reasons why your childen should get involved in Pami-Kol for Kids

In our school of martial arts & self defense your kid will be learning:

  • » Respect
  • » Discipline
  • » Personal Effectiveness through concentration and dedication to the task

Charles Handberry Pami-Kol InstructorCharles Handberry
2nd Degree Black Belt
Certified Pami-Kol instructor

Our curriculum for children

  • » Basic Punches
  • » Basic Kicks
  • » Basic Strikes
  • » Basic Combinations
  • » Double Flow Combinations
  • » Age-appropriate elements of grappling
  • » Age-appropriate elements of floor-level wrestling
  • » Age-appropriate elements of filipino stick fighting (kali)


Classes are held on Saturdays at 9-12 AM at:
Pine Forest Recreation Center
6901 Ramsey St,
Fayetteville, NC 28301


  • » Family Discount
  • » Free Lesson

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