The Essence of Self Defense


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Location & Times

Pami-Kol classes are held once a week on Saturdays at 9-12 AM at

Pine Forest Recreation Center,
6901 Ramsey St.,
Fayetteville, NC 28301.


Classes for Adults (Men and Women)

  • Defensive techniques - knife, gun, machete, baseball bat disarming
  • Knife offensive techniques - students must understand the anatomy of an attack in order to be successful in defense
  • Stand-up and floor-level unarmed defense techniques - unlocking the locks and using counter locks
  • Counter attack techniques - kicks, strikes and taking advantage of opponent's weak points

Classes for Kids

Please visit our kids' section for information.

Parents, be assured that kids and teens are not allowed to participate in training that involves knife, gun or potentially dangerous bare hand techniques. The reason for that is obvious - we are committed to keep schools safe.

Free Lesson

We offer a free lesson for first time visitors. Contact us to find out how and when you can participate in our complimentary lesson in self defense. It will be a pleasure to meet & train with you.

Family Discount

Contact us and find out how little you will pay when you enroll as a "family unit" :-)