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School of Serious Self Defense in Fayetteville, NC

Are you looking for a martial art and self defense class that combines armed and unarmed combat? Would you like to train with instructors passionate about what they do? Or, maybe you just want to concentrate on one aspect of self defense to complete your existing skills in self defense? Whatever your reason, look no further as you have just found the right martial arts school for men, women and children and right people.

No nonsense, no mystical levels of initiation.
We will start teaching you what you need in self defense right from day one.

Pami-Kol is a short version of pami-ang pama-kol which in Cebuano dialect means to break, to cripple. Sound serious? It is serious and we are very serious about it. The martial art is based on Violent Eagle style but extends it with techniques designed to fight multiple martial arts styles as well as (or rather first of all) street-style brutal attacks. In that respect, Pami-Kol philosophy is close to that of modern fighting systems like Krav Maga or the Russian Systema. We believe that when it comes to defending your own life or the lives of your loved ones, there is no place for fair play and rules - every technique is good as long as it puts the attacker out of the picture. More about Pami-Kol martial art.

Charles Handberry Pami-Kol Instructor"I would like to invite anyone willing to learn Pami-Kol's simple yet efficient techniques of self defense to participate in our training. You do not need to be an athlete to take advantage of the system - its strength lies in carefully selected self defense techniques and not in the number of push-ups one can do. You are welcome to come and observe our training in Fayetteville, NC -- I'm confident that you will be amazed just how efficient Pami-Kol Filipino Martial Art of Self Defense is in defeating knife, gun, machete and bare hand attacks."
Charles Handberry
2nd Degree Black Belt
Martial arts enthusiast
certified Pami-Kol instructor

Harold Shelton Pami-Kol Instructor"I met Charles during a small social event. Being a well trained martial artist myself (years and years of Taekwondo instruction) I was curious about Pami-Kol and its techniques. To cut the story short, after a few minutes of conversation Charles asked me if I would like to try to attack him. "How?" I asked. "Any way you want; surprise me," was the answer. Being a polite man, I did what I was so kindly asked for ;-) It was a hard reality check... within a couple of seconds Charles literally mopped the floor with me. Ever since then I've been involved in Pami-Kol."
Harold Shelton
Pami-Kol afficionado
Pami-Kol senior belt

Pami-Kol Student"I enrolled in Pami-Kol school in Fayetteville to escape from the gym boredom - got fed up with lifting dumbells and wanted to do something that makes a bit more sense. After first lesson I was absolutely and totally hooked - Charles and Harald are amazing instructors and, well..., sending a bigger, stronger guy flying (and knowing it is not by courtesy) can be only compared to riding a bike for the very first time. The level of excitement: 10/10. The techniques they teach are great - seem to be engineered to get you where you need. I can recommend Pami-Kol to everyone - you will learn amazing things."
Lech Ocaya Gamon
Pami-Kol student

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